Chateau Grief 399

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Chateau Grief 399

Qureshi: {help me}

Marozi: Impatient again, Gregory?

Qureshi: All he wants to do is become a Diamond Warrior like you, James.

Marozi: Well then, he’ll be happy to serve his people as best he can…and join our order when he’s ready.

Gregory: He says I’m not ready to take the vow of obedience, although I’m totally ready to take the vows of poverty and chastity!

Kore: Ah.

Qureshi: You must be trying to get me in trouble, Kore. Esme has absolutely forbidden me to speak to you ever again. Especially after yesterday.

Qureshi: I heard there was a terrible disaster in the park. I hope you’re all right.

Kore: Thank you. I don’t want to make trouble for the Resistance. I”m here to help any way I can.

Qureshi: Peace on earth! And death to the murderous tyrant the Evil Overlord!

Qureshi and Kore: Death to the Evil Overlord!

Marozi: Death’s too good for him, really.

Qureshi: May his Christmas cookies be too large to fit in his glass of milk!

Gregory: And may he die of botulism!

Qureshi: And get stuck in a chimney!

Kore: Damn his eyes!

Marozi: Ha-ha *echrm* Ho-ho-ho!

Kore: Damn his awful wall-eyed evil eye…snake eye…stupid pretty gray eyes. Odd’s fish.

Marozi: Hang those streamers straight my little cherubs!

Qureshi: I told Esme she was wrong about you. What with him trying to drown you at the rally yesterday.

Gregory: I’m not good enough.?! I’m not good enough?!?!

Qureshi: The Diamond Warrior is hard enough to withstand the telepath by the purity of his life. James is the best of all, demonstrating a mind of iron…

Gregory: But he can still read your mind! It doesn’t matter! You’re never going to be good enough!

Kore: It has to matter.

Author Notes:

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