Chateau Grief 400

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Chateau Grief 400

Marozi: You shouldn’t provoke the kid like that.

Qureshi: He is unbelievably persistent, James.

Qureshi: Yes, yes, he is trying very hard. We must be careful to maintain our position that there is merit in effort. We must be accessible to those who seek a higher existence.

Qureshi: But you know the logic behind our rules! We must know our warriors are trustworthy! He must never lie or conceal anything from us.

Qureshi: We are not the local model railroad club. Our lives are at stake.

Marozi: He’s just a kid, Farook.

Marozi: We were all kids once upon a time.

Qureshi: One stray thought, James. And we are all dead.

Qureshi: The Resistance is destroyed. And it will only take an instant. With no effort on his part.

Qureshi: Look at what he did to my store, lit the stairs on fire. And he did not care that we might be trapped in the inferno.

Qureshi: He might have burned us alive and I doubt he would have ever thought of us again.

Marozi: The Evil Overlord has never shown any interest in killing us. You shouldn’t exaggerate just because he’s a telepath.

Qureshi: Do you hear what you are saying? Think about how you sound when you talk about him like that!

Qureshi: I know you think the telepath should have a place in society. And I’m not advocating killing him, not without a trial. I want to think he should be given a chance, but the Evil Overlord? He’s forfeited all chances.

Qureshi: Haven’t we suffered enough?

Qureshi: We are creating a miracle upon this island, through dedication to something bigger than our weakness. We will defeat the telepath and take our place as rightful heirs and victors!

Qureshi: Our inheritance will be all of humanity. There is no room for magical inequality in this world.

Qureshi: All men are equal.

Mrs. Lyrken: AAAAAAAa we must call someone! We must do something!

Mrs. Lyrken: Ben has eaten a giant bug!

Author Notes:

crazy technical difficulties day for me today, extremely difficult, but I made it, i'm here. and i'm posting even if i'm way late.  muahahaha!