Chateau Grief 401

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Chateau Grief 401

Mara Lyrken: Aaaaah! A bug!

Kore: Oh but you are so lucky, m it is considered a good omen in my country. Give him to me and I will tell you what sort of man he will become in the future.

Ben Lyrken: Goo!

Kore: eeee

Kore(telepathy): Are you going to tell Farook?

Ben: Muahahaha

Mara: {Sob}

Qureshi: There, there, my dear.

Kore: A little wipe. That’s better now. So Ben, you seem like an ambitious little…autocrat…

Angus: I didn’t say that snowflakes were Zen!

Qureshi: Alan?

Alan: Hm?

Narration(Marozi): She obeyed my commands without hesitation or argument. She disentangled Xander’s web, she made him push her away. Now he can forget.

Narration(Marozi): But I know far too well that she never will. Help me keep the world safe from Shane, all she’s ever asked of me. “Help me bring my shattered dreams home”

Narration(Marozi): I told her I’d go with her. And leave the island and the Resistance behind.

Esme: Farook! I’ve got it I’ve found our salvation!

Esme: Oh, it’s you.

Kore: I’m just helping with the ornaments.

Esme: You’re very welcome Kore, stay all night.

Esme: I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’ll witness the Resistance’s greatest triumph.

Kore: Good then. Fine.

Rafe: We have to talk. Alone.

Qureshi: They’ve caught you. Oh James…

Author Notes:

a very merry Christmas to everyone in a few days,