Chateau Grief 407

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Chateau Grief 407

Xander: How are you tonight? Ready to go?

Shane: Yes!

Xander: I suspect you’ll be out all night tonight while Kore gets herself straightened out. This should keep you dry.

Shane: You’re letting me go?

Xander: I suppose it could look like that.

Shane: Oh God, I’m hearing your voice in my head like it’s my own!

Xander: Unfortunate side effect of giving you enough of myself to keep your body working.

Shane: What?

Xander: Maybe it’ll go away. I hope so. I’m seeing double as is.

Xander: You weren’t going to hold on by yourself so I had to do something. It would have broken her if you died.

Shane: What?!

Xander: Just don’t get excited or I’ll have to disconnect you again.

Xander: It’s hard enough for me to explain this without you being a crazy lunatic about it. I saved your life. You get to walk away from a shipwreck. You don’t know how rare that is, nobody walks away. You get to go home.

Shane: It’s a mind trick, an illusion. You’re not me. You’ll never be me.

Xander: It’s not a trick. I’ll tell you…everything.

Author Notes:

I'll tell you everything...except it's next week.  sorry.  next week. ,