Chateau Grief 408

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Chateau Grief 408

Shane: Get out of me! Get out of me! I can hear you!

Xander: I’ve kept you locked in your mind because last time you were free you caused an earthquake that killed 6 people.

Xander: You’re dangerous, you have to keep control DO YOU HEAR ME?

Shane: You’re in my head!

Xander: *cough* Yeah, well, I’ll try to stay quiet, ok? None of that is important right now!

Xander: I believe you can do this. You weren’t made for it. It’s a living hell where everything you shouldn’t touch is always right there, with God knows what lurking over your shoulder.

Xander: There will be creatures watching you, waiting to cut you down if you get a little too tall for your station. Stay humble and you’ll make the right decisions, better ones, anyway. It’s a long way down from where you stand now.

Shane: Look, you’re crazy. I’m outta here.

Xander: I can make you believe me, but I’d prefer if you just listened to what your heart’s already telling you.

Xander: Telepathy is a weapon. But it will heal you. Let it heal you both. Let it carry you through the tough times.

Xander: A weapon of unimaginable power lives in you now. A weapon of the Gods. Use it ill, and you will pay the price they did.

Xander: I’m sorry.

Xander(telepathy): I’m stuck with a dilemma… Everyone thinks I’m Hades, but I’m more Jack-and-the-Beanstalk…ascend Jacob’s Ladder, kill the bull of heaven in the house of the rising sun…and I will bring the Marat down with their plagues. But the rainbow road for a new humanity will be opened to the heavens. Fail to, and it’s over, the fallen star will scream a mandrake cry, and soon. The charge builds as we get ever closer to the hole in the sky. Oh my Phaethon, don’t urge the horses. Hold them back.

Shane: You’re not me. You’ll never be me. It’s like looking in a mirror.

Shane: What are…we?

Author Notes:

Scylla and Charybdis ,