Chateau Grief 410

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Chateau Grief 410

Grant: I wouldn’t trade places with you for a billion dollars, Eugene.

Xander: Yes you would.

Grant: Shane was normal before you ruined him.

Xander: Don’t you dare talk to me about Shane. You know what you were doing. You used me.

Xander: Pretending that you were on my side, my only friend, the only thing I ever asked you, don’t betray my trust. Lying to my face and I let you. And there he is.

Xander: I could kill you for it.

Xander: But that was a long time ago… old friend.

Xander: Well. You may escort me to the secret headquarters of the self-styled Resistance.

Xander: Didn’t know they had a secret headquarters? Well. There’s a lot you don’t know.

Author Notes:

let's just forget about all this shall we?,