Chateau Grief 411

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Chateau Grief 411

Narration(Marozi): There’s no way around this. What would everyone think when I disappear not from Eynhallow but from earth… dragging a telepath down to Erebus by his hair. I’m just leaving a little early, that’s all

Marozi: It’s the book smuggling. The police finally got around to hauling me to jail. I’ve been banished. The Evil Overlord will wipe my memory and send me back to San Francisco.

Marozi: This is my one night to say goodbye. I won’t remember any of this.

Marozi: There’s more.

Qureshi: No!

Marozi: I’ve asked Kore to come with me and she’s said yes. Her memory will be destroyed too but she’ll consent to it for my sake.

Qureshi: No! James we’re above things like that! We’re dedicated to a cause to free an entire people! You can’t give in just because you like a pretty girl!

Qureshi: You must fight! No, this is preposterous! A woman isn’t worth it!

Marozi: I didn’t mean it that way!

Author Notes:

Let's talk about how this went for... your brother Adrien?,