Chateau Grief 413

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Chateau Grief 413

Kore: Something’s up, isn’t it?

Marozi: I told him. He didn’t take it well.

Kore: I thought he might have been happy that we found a good time to escape.

Kore: Your shoelaces are untied.

Marozi: Look, I can’t do it. I leave and they’re sunk. Without me, the Resistance is toast, disintegrated, or perhaps Xander will punish them, their lives are over, they have nothing to live for.

Marozi: I can’t do that to them. I like these people, completely awful and illogical and pointless as they are, they’re my pets. I can’t leave them.

Kore: Rafe, I need you.

Marozi: Xander will give you Shane if you ask. You just can’t face him alone.

Kore: It’s more than that. I need either you or Xander. I can’t handle Shane’s injury alone. And Xander told me no.

Kore: So it’s you, ok?

Author Notes:

Ulterior motives.  You didn't think this was a party did you?,