Chateau Grief 412

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Chateau Grief 412

Marozi: I’m just as dedicated the cause as you are! I’ve got to hide out and lay low so you don’t get punished.

Marozi: I’m ready to sacrifice the core essence of my being for the sake of the Resistance and you’re telling me I need to keep my hands off a girl?!

Narration(Marozi): Does it really look like that to them?

Qureshi: Well, just…keep your hands off…ok? You’re a Diamond Warrior and you must act like one!

Marozi: After all these years, you don’t trust me.

Qureshi: Of course you can’t go! We have trained for this very moment! We will have the power to defy the telepath if we work together!

Qureshi: We’ll send someone in your place! We’ll have it out with him! I’ll bribe the guards! It’s an unjust law!

Qureshi: You cannot break an unjust law! Don’t lose faith.

Marozi: Of course.

Author Notes:

everyone sees through you Marozi.,