Chateau Grief 417

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Chateau Grief 417

Mike: The representative I spoke to when I was there, General Grant, was less than cooperative.

Mike: Say the word when you want us to ride to the rescue.

Kore: It’s not a question of me, it’s Thanos Shane.

Kore: He’s severely injured. I think we’re safe to move him in a few days. That’s why it’s taken so long.

Mike: I’m not rushing you, Kore. You earned a vacation.

Kore: Dammit Mike, the yacht wrecked, I smashed my head on the rocks, Thanos could barely talk for a while.

Kore: I woke up and couldn’t remember who the hell I was. The local scapegrace pulled us out of the water.

Mike: Sounds like your luck. I checked the psychic legend, it’s bunk. Cold War propaganda.

Mike: What?

Author Notes:

Mike has a suspiciously short memory, eh?