Chateau Grief 418

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Chateau Grief 418

Kore: It’s not that simple.

Kore: Remember the problems we keep having with levee encroachment on the diamond beaches in Namibia? Waves keep pounding in and washing it all away? Pretty soon I’ll send you a prophet named Moses who’ll walk into the midst of the water and part the sea for our bulldozers.

Mike: Oy vey.

Kore: Two days. I’ll be done here by then. Get me a new yacht, will you? Leave it in the company space at the gate club. I’ll meet you at the house in two days. If I don’t you come looking for me with backup.

Mike: You got it boss.

Narration (Kore): Xander would go to Namibia for me if I asked him. …But… would I ask him?

Narration (Kore): Would I … ask him…?

Michoacana: Hey.

Author Notes:

(epic schvitzing) ,