Chateau Grief 419

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Chateau Grief 419

Jessica Cardona: You look cold, you can come stand with us. We’ve got a little fire and someone is reading the grinch story.

Jessica: I’m Jessica.

Narration (Kore): Deep breaths. Calm down. What’s gotten into you tonight, Kore?

Kore: Soon to be Marozi?

Jessica: Yes, how did you know?

Kore: James told me about you. How proud he was that his brother had finally found the one. He was devastated when you two broke up. Couldn’t shut up about you getting back together.

Kore: Congratulations.

Narration( Kore): A quarter carat machine-polished silver bear.

Narration( Kore): But the real hilarity lies in the fact that Qureshi feels it socially necessary to hold a company Christmas party for his smugglers.

Jessica: Come on, sing a carol or two, in the spirit of the season. Peace on earth.

Thought(Kore): And you have about half of them under that coat.

Kore: Goodwill towards men.

Author Notes:

except for him. no peace for him.,