Chateau Grief 436

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Chateau Grief 436

Esme: It’s never been any use for the weak to band together in hopes that an ocean of weak might defeat the one strong man.

Esme: But it is the last, the only hope at stopping the violence.

Esme: Aren’t we allowed to form our communities, where we all recognize each other? All we hope is that the wolves don’t raid us too often!

Esme: Our only hope for survival is to kill back! If we could kill you wolves!

Esme: It’s only self-defense! And practically guaranteed to fail from the very start!

Esme: Are we not allowed to even struggle and bleat as we are carried away in your jaws.

Esme: We needed a shepherd, but Jesus never came to save us, only two tell us to submit to our destruction.

Author Notes:

kids don't try this at home ok?,