Chateau Grief 437

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Chateau Grief 437

Kore: Didn’t he make us all? Don’t we just do what we’re born to?

Esme: I cannot accept a reality like that. I will not!

Kore: Who asked you?

Kore: The thing is, I can try all I like, but you’ll never understand, will you? Not on your own. Why don’t you tell me again how you thought it was a good idea to attempt to kill me…

Kore: … when a reckless omnipotent ne’er-do-well is keenly interested in my survival?

Kore: God help you, you can’t measure anything except by your own momentary will and when that inevitably fails…what do you have left?

Esme: I don’t believe in God anyway, or Jesus. I could never believe in a God who would allow evil like you in the world. Let me go!

Kore: I’m sure everyone will take your vote of no confidence into gravest consideration. You know, Rafe Marozi is getting up a rescue posse for me this very instant. He doesn’t yet know it’s you. I could talk to him.

Esme: James Marozi?

Author Notes:

Kore just gives people nicknames.,