Chateau Grief 439

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Chateau Grief 439

Esme: If you’d only let me, let me kill you, we could end it all right now. We have a chance to save everyone, both of us, we could save the world.

Esme: Without you the Evil Overlord will be so distraught that he’ll be driven to suicide. He’s on the edge of it already, the guy, the guy who gave me the poison, said that with grief, he’d just kill himself. We’d all be free if you had the courage.

Kore: What guy?

Esme: Rhelan Grant.

Kore: Ah. I understand now.

Kore: Rhelan Grant, CIA fixer, provides a foolish target with poison, sends her off merrily to assassinate a telepath. After the attempt fails, Xander, the target of the op, is forced to administer justice.

Kore: You’ll be executed. The Resistance will fall apart without you — its passionate heart— and Rhelan Grant, Xander’s one confidant in the entire world, kills the riots —forces Xander to act against the very people and ideas he’s cultivating, a great rebellion mirrored for an archangel—, and goes back to golfing in peace.

Kore: What if you’d done this to a woman, not a titan?

Author Notes:

Esme you just walked into a forty year long war.,