Chateau Grief 438

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Chateau Grief 438

Kore: So you suspect him, do you? Smart girl. He’s one of the wolves you talk about. Takes his directives straight from your nonexistent, evil-loving Ancient of Days.

Esme: What?!

Kore: He’s an archangel. Raphael, or some part of Raphael or some such thing. Guardian of the East Wind. Standing astride the waters and crying with the voice of seven thunders. Of course why should you believe me? I’m just an enemy wolf.

Kore: Xander doesn’t believe me. I could tell you the places Rafe’s taken me, through the heavens, the visions he’s shown me. But why should you believe me more than St. John or Daniel or Ezekiel? You’d believe me less, at least they had the decency to get thrown to lions by collectives of sheep stronger than they were. God saved them anyways. Or maybe they were telepaths too, ever think of that?

Kore: Does it make a difference whether you’re a telepath or not, if God is on your side?

Author Notes:

if at first you don't succeed...,