Chateau Grief 450

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Chateau Grief 450

Xander: I know exactly what you’re world expected me to be. “And the dragon stood on the seashore, and behold a beast rose out of the sea.

Xander: and it was as a leopard” … spotted… “with the feet of a bear

Xander: and the mouth of a lion and the dragon gave the beast his power, his throne…his authority…”

Kore: Here I thought we were negotiators. And whatever he says goes for you, is that it?

Xander: Complicated, isn’t it? One might say, …diabolical.

Kore: One of the four is here! For you, you know that? He’s here for you. And it’s not the one with the army either, it’s the healer.

Kore: Heals the blind,

Xander: Yes as I recall, the one who took the demon Asmodeus from the maiden and gave her to wife to the blind man’s son.

Kore: Clingy. Desperate. Yet it was you who sought me out tonight. And yesterday.

Xander: And the day before that.

Author Notes:

revelation of the method,