Chateau Grief 451

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Chateau Grief 451

Kore: Ves, you have no idea what I’d be willing to do for you. For a chance at this I might throw away a lifetime.

Kore: I’m under no illusions about my own character and how I’m widely perceived. You are quite possibly the only person I may ever meet who is willing to overlook my numerous social, moral and dare I say aesthetic shortcomings. I’d risk a fortune on this venture.

Xander: But you needn’t risk much of anything, isn’t that correct? You’ll lose no position or money or social connections that you actually care about. Certainly not your whole world.

Kore: Let it burn, Ves, let them all burn.

Kore: I have to…

Kore: …see…

Kore: How you’ve played me, lied to me. I could always touch you. You tried to give me the strength to obey Raphael. To make me hurt. Like you were anyone else.

Kore: Marry me and be happy, Ves, I would try ever so hard to make you happy.

Author Notes:

now you've gone and done it,