Chateau Grief 455

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Chateau Grief 455

Kore: This buys me negotiating leverage. I’ll win you to sanity. We’ll be happy together. I don’t believe in zero-sum contracts. Aggregate value is increased by a merger. And what a merger it promises to be!

Kore: You are perfectly capable of angering me, if you wish to see me furious…stricken with grief… suicidal…ecstatic…any emotion you would like…

Kore: It’s all up to you, Ves, that’s the key here. I’ve been very forthright with you. No lies. No games. Now give me your answer.

Kore: ay yes and I’ll love you to the end of my days. Say no and send me away and I’ll turn my thoughts from you like you never existed.

Xander: I want you to need me. And you don’t.

Kore: Why shouldn’t that be true? Should I fling myself off a cliff because my lover loves me no more? Should I spend my days in mourning for a man who doesn’t want me? You’re refusing to be…pragmatic…about these things.

Kore: So you’ll remain uppermost in my heart when you’ve refused the honor, and I must spend my days pining for lack of you? I’ll live until it’s my appointed time to die, and I’ll enjoy every minute, with or without you.

Kore: Say yes. Say yes.

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