Chateau Grief 454

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Chateau Grief 454

Xander: The way I see it, if I can destroy it so easily, it’s not love, and I want nothing to do with it. You’ll thank me later.

Kore: I’m thanking you now you self-absorbed poltroon.

Xander: You see! You’ll never understand true love, because you haven’t the courage for it. If it’s all smooth sailing and all parties are agreeable, well then you’re happy to amble along, but if there are battles to be fought you’ll run like a cur.

Xander: You don’t deserve to have someone’s passion cast at your feet, because you have none of your own.

Kore: I see. You’re not so very indifferent to this arrangement either.

Author Notes:

Sorry it's a short short week.  Things are looking up though, longer episodes on the way! (I keep saying that...) (also there's a new set coming up, I'm excited!)