Chateau Grief 458

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Chateau Grief 458

Grant: Well?

Xander: Well what?

Grant: How did it go? What did she say?

Xander: I may have miscalculated about her. She’s a cold-blooded killer if I ever saw one.

Xander: And she asked me to marry her.

Xander: It was very gauche. That’s what feminism gets you, all of the sudden they get uppity and figure it’s their prerogative to spike the ball.

Xander: Remind me to tell Prime Minister Beelzebub that I want a provision in the next roadways and transportation bill banning registered feminists from speaking in public unless they have a prayer shawl over their hair.

Grant: One: I know she’s killed people, unlike you I took the trouble to ask.

Grant: Two: She’s not nearly as heartless as you.

Grant: Three: she’s been infatuated with you since at least Tuesday.

Grant: Four: brushing her off was a good thing to do. It’s for her own good.

Grant: I’m proud of you.

Author Notes:

it's a gray rainy day here but at least it's not snowing.  ugh.,