Chateau Grief 459

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Chateau Grief 459

Xander: What if I said yes?! I’m a man, like any other man!

Xander: I’m still young-ish! Or young at heart, or seasoned, or something.

Xander: I might have said yes.

Grant: Ha, ha, ha.

Xander: You always have to take her side, is that it? You have no idea what she’s done. I’ll bet she lied to you to play both ends to the middle.

Xander: It’s what I would have done.

Grant: So sure?

Xander: Do you want to see her memory?

Grant: No. I trust her.

Xander: Then you’re a fool because I’m pretty damn certain you wouldn’t appreciate behavior like this.

Grant: Language, language.

Narration (Xander): Even showing him will be unlikely to change his opinion. Even if he believes that it happened.

Narration (Xander): In truth, I have no idea what to think. It changes everything.

Narration (Xander): Shane is coming closer.

Narration (Xander): …and everyone is…distracted…

Author Notes:

Here I am on Thursday, on time again boys! Oh well.  I moved a lot of dirt this week, on the plus side.