Chateau Grief 465

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Chateau Grief 465

Tyler: Let us go, please just let us go. I didn’t mean it. I am so sorry.

Kore: Mr. Shane, please turn on video feed 1 for us. No sound. You, Mr. Leibovitch, will never be let go. Every moment you delay I am allowed to continue my move in the game. You mustn’t assume you have time to vacillate as you decide what to do.

Tyler: No!

Tyler: No…

Kore: That’s the rule. You must remain standing. If your knees hit the floor, I will slowly torture her to death under a drip of hydrofluoric acid.

Kore: Do you understand!

Kore: there was a man, an English Earl, or maybe a pirate, he never really existed except in legend,

Kore: A man who was given a similar game to play— like the one you are faced with. He was sentenced to death for treason against the king and his sons were sentenced with him.

Kore: He begged for their lives, and was told that after he was beheaded, he must run down the line of his sons, and that each one that he passed would be saved. And that each one he did not would die.

Kore: It’s unknown how the story turned out, but given the chance, you’d attempt it, wouldn’t you?

Kore: I would.

Author Notes:

I admit it, these next few weeks are going to be really tough.