Chateau Grief 466

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Chateau Grief 466

Tyler: Do it! Do it quickly! But please take care of my wife.

Kore: She won’t suffer any lasting damage. After all, I didn’t.

Kore: You must remain standing for the first shot. You must bear the pain like a man for ten seconds, and then I will kill you cleanly with the next round.

Kore: If you fall to your knees, she will die, and the last thing you will hear will be her screams.

Kore: Are you ready?

Tyler: No, please…

Kore: Hold still! What if my shot shall not kill you after all? Would you like to suffer here, alone on this floor until you bleed to death?

Kore: How my skin crawls!

Author Notes:

It's here, read 'em and weep.  I'm gonna get though this somehow.