Chateau Grief 471

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Chateau Grief 471

Narration(Esme): I must not forget…I’ve almost forgotten…

Narration(Esme): … that it’s not Xander, it’s James Marozi who has sent me running into the night…for reasons…for reasons becoming murkier by the moment.

Narration(Esme): Archangel. How absurd. Kore has surely lied to me about that.

Narration(Esme): But it will be easy to convince Kore to fight against Xander for us. I don’t know …why…

Narration(Esme): What is a car doing out past curfew?

Narration(Esme): What if the forces of evil already know my plan? What if they are already moving?

Narration(Esme): Don’t think. React.

Narration(Esme): Farook will come. He will know what to do.

Narration(Esme): After all…

Narration(Esme): Hasn’t Kore promised to be here when I change my mind?

Author Notes:

Happy Wednesday!,