Chateau Grief 472

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Chateau Grief 472

Esme: Kore?

Narration(Esme): In this moment I am no longer the foe of the telepaths. I’ve forgotten the story of the alien archangel who regards the island with such cruel indifference.

Narration(Esme): The only thought is that Kore Smaragdos could be used, somehow, to make the world right.

Narration(Esme): It becomes clear in an instant how she can make everything right again. Every genocide, every injustice, even the sins of the barren earth who yielded thorns and thistles instead of fruit.

Narration(Esme): So none of the bad things in the world would have ever happened. And I can finally… forget…

Narration(Esme): It would be a token of our long, enduring friendship, Kore’s and mine. Kore’s a basically good person, so she can’t refuse.

Narration(Esme): Where is she?

Author Notes:

happy Wednesday! I hereby decree that it's wednesday,