Chateau Grief 473

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Chateau Grief 473

Narration(Esme): Weaponless. Powerless.

Narration(Esme): Where is Kore? She promised to be here!

Narration(Esme): All my zen evaporates. Is he here to murder me? That’s not allowed! Xander knows about this! Has Xander sent a minion to punish me?

Narration(Esme): What if I’m not valuable enough to merit the telepath’s personal attention?

Narration(Esme): …and he’s sent this idiot-faced goon to attempt to carry me away to prison?

Narration(Esme): There’s only one…

Narration(Esme): There’s only…

Narration(Esme): …one… …one man…

Narration(Esme): I am a Diamond Warrior. I am entrusted with the secret of defeating the telepaths. Farook will be here at any moment and by then we will have a prisoner to interrogate.

Author Notes:

Esme chooses 'man',