Chateau Grief 52

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Chateau Grief 52

Narration(Xander): Each winter it gets harder to crawl into this cold bed. The chill sinks into my bones now. Ever since I got old.

Narration(Xander): It's a long shot that another telepath could live with me, even for a little while. Or that I could live with her.

Narration(Xander): There's no way to conceal the flickering cruelty...or callousness...the inattention...the annoyance. That's nice honey. Ok, dear.

Narration(Xander): She'll leave eventually. My pride with tell her go, and good riddance. Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Is it?

Narration(Xander): There's a leopard on the frozen heights of Kilimanjaro. It's purr will not leave me, it will only wait.

Narration(Xander): It speaks to me of a capacious pit rolled smooth by unseen hands, with great warring pillars of fire in an endless dusk. Where the stars burn in chains in a deep prison.

Narration(Xander):...and me, a living statue in the icy winds of space. Wandering, as cold as a lost comet.

Narration(Xander): As a voice speaks to me, a kind of sound I've never heard.

Narration(Xander): To tell me a secret that...somehow...I've never known.

Author Notes:

ONE YEAR OF COMICS!!!!!  I feel like celebrating this milestone.  It's been quite a year of learning, improvement, and enjoyment.  So pop open a bottle of the bubbly with me and toast to another year!