Chateau Grief 53

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Chateau Grief 53

Quote: All right, they're on our left, they're on our right, they're in front of us, they're behind us...they can't get away this time. - General Lewis 'Chesty' Puller

Dream(Xander): I'll work for only 10% commission! Okay you win 5% commission! So long as my sales territory includes the moon bases I'm cool!

Dream(Xander): Just hire me. Please?

Grant: Good morning! Will you be joining us today?

Narration(Kore): So this is it. New day. New chance. Only now I know what the stakes are.

Grant: What happened here?

Kore: It's handled. Don't worry about it. Where are we going?

Grant: I realize it's early.

Kore: You can wake me like this any time.

Grant: I have to give you your magic talisman.

Grant: And I wanted to answer some of your questions. That is, if you still have any after last night.

Kore: Actually this is all starting to make sense as some kind of eclectic-Ikea pastiche.

Allyson: Remember, we have a revival meeting tonight at seven!

Grant: Is that patchouli you smell like or just weed?

Kore: I had better not.

Author Notes:

How goes your week?  I really had fun with those gorgeous morning light colors.  Somehow I always feel like I'm way behind getting these together.   Oh yeah, it's because I keep redoing the stupid font!  That and the fact that I keep modeling all these cool buildings.  San Benito High School makes an appearance next week.  Steinbeck and vanished James Dean world.  They don't build 'em like that anymore.