Chateau Grief 57

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Chateau Grief 57

Kore: Anyone ever try to feed him...disinformation?

Esme: What do you think?

Marozi: Are you ladies having fun and working hard?

Esme: The new inmate is a dangerous intellectual, James.

Kore: Come to arrest me? Feed me?

Marozi: I told you I'm an overseer when I'm not a smuggler. We came to help your woefully lazy group finish its job.

Kore: The lack of elevensies I can sorta kinda understand...but do you have any idea the lawsuit I could bring for the total lack of smoking breaks?

Marozi: Holy toledo what's that you've got!

Kore: Watch me magic you. I'm turning you into a toad.

Marozi: Usually people get dumb stuff. I got a glow-in-the-dark cheese grater.

Esme: You don't understand! You're not listening! Xander is a murderer! He's the greatest threat to liberty that the world has ever faced!

Esme: He sentences all juvenile offenders to three years hard labor regardless of the crime.

Kore: How terrible! The poor dears.

Esme: He held a mud-wrestling contest to distribute the block one apartments on the premise that might made right. Women and men together.

Marozi: The tickets were impossible to get.

Kore: No women's leage? How progressive.

Esme: But a man won all the apartments! Then set himself up as a slumlord!

Kore: Bikinis?

Marozi: It was truly a national disgrace.

Esme: Just like, wow.

Kore: J'accuse! Insensitive swine!

Marozi: Oh don't be mean. She's not that bad. She can give a great speech... when she's not upset. The best in the Resistance.

Author Notes:

Playing people against each other to manipulate them.  Politics in other words.  The question is, on what level is who manipulating whom?  A modification on Lenin's idea.  Hey, I heard a great definition of the word politics recently:  Politics n. from the Greek, 'poly' meaning 'many' and 'tics' meaning 'blood-sucking parasites'.Sorry Plato.