Chateau Grief 56

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Chateau Grief 56

Grant: At my advanced age? You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Kore: So much for my play for the caddie.

Kore: No complaints about the diamond. I'll try bribing that smuggler again.

Grant: Not until you've done your chores.

Kore: So long as it comes with breakfast how bad can it be?

Angus Greenhorn: I can't sense my nose. Nature is trying to kill me.

Mike the Hat: You must transcend the smell.

Kore: I don't think it smells so bad.

Esmerelda Jones: This is the easy job.

Kore: Would you be interested in a proposition to get us off this rock, Equal-Peasant Jones?

Kore: What? I shouldn't have called you Equal-Peasant?

Esme: There's one problem. The telepath.

Esme: Even if you escaped, it would track you down and transport you back. It knows each one of us inside and out. Nothing escapes its notice.

Kore: He can't know everything.

Esme: You just don't get it, do you? He knows everything you do. He'll mind-rape you for the information he wants.

Author Notes:

Message sent...and received.  We do subtlety on Eynhallow.  

I'll bet this is the only comic you'll ever see where two people are staking a hide.  When you make leather, you soak the hides in a tanning agent and they come out wet.  After that you let them dry and they come out stiff like a rawhide dog chew.  Then you have to bend them back and forth a lot of times in order for them to get soft, usually by scraping across a curved piece of wood*.  This is called 'staking'.  I haven't yet attempted it on a vampire, but you never know.