Chateau Grief 65

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Chateau Grief 65

Xander: Ah. Now, where was I?

Xander: Yes. I am pleased to welcome the representative of Parliament.

Xander: And ask whether you consent to uphold the oath of office?

Di: I do solemnly swear to serve the Evil Overlord, in this world and the next, and work his nefarious bidding.

Xander: Then in consideration of your oath, I ask you to form a government to oppress the people of Eynhallow.

Xander: You may rise now, Prime Minister.

Xander: June and Ada, scram, will you? I've got top secret things to discuss with the new chief. Go on, shoo.

Author Notes:

Boom.  65 comics.  And I finished fixing the font.  I think I'm actually learning to draw faces by now...not that Picasso was ever bothered by lack of ability to see straight.     I've been whipping everyone back into shape in the earlier comics via photoshop's awesome liquify toolset.  I can do anything with that little tool.  Seriously.  Elvis lives.  With aliens.,