Chateau Grief 66

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Chateau Grief 66

Xander: I certainly don't have to ask twice, do I?

Xander: Oh get up! And tell me what you mean by this 'abolition of the guaranteed minimum income' nonsense!

Di: Ow!

Di: Perhaps Ms. Souliere should be present she is my coalition partner on this issue.

Thought(Di): Run the mouth...keep talking...survive.

Xander: You idiots give me such a headache! And when I zap your emotional'll go on about 'personal violation' in your head, for the rest of your sorry life. And no one will ever listen to you but me. Forget it. Tell me why you want to impoverish the island. And be quick. Spill.

Di: We had decided that this was the most expeditious solution to the work groups' inefficiency.

Xander: I'm not following you. And cut the freak-out. Before I make you.

Di: The daily stipend is set at a million dollars a day! A ludicrous number!

Xander: And why exactly is it ludicrous? You've seen the prices here in California!

Di: Because every dime they spend has to be committee! Combined with the abolishment of physical currency all that is left is a black market barter system.

Xander: Which is kind of the point.

Xander: To each according to his need. it's hardly my problem if everyone chooses to be a criminal simply because I'm a generous employer.

Di: So the reality of the situation is that the entire island operates off of slave labor.

Di: You wouldn't believe the slave-driver 'overseer' that I saw this morning. He bullied people with his height. Made people work without feeding them. One woman had a terrible head wound. She belonged in a hospital not working in the fields.

Xander: Are you getting all this?

Thought(Grant): Don't you dare impugn me for listening at keyholes. Pot, meet kettle.

Author Notes:

Down to business.  May I offer you a chair?,