Chateau Grief 71

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Chateau Grief 71

Esme: Magic isn't real, the only reality is science!

Gregory: Uh, then why is your hair yellow?

Esme: That is a lie!

Gregory: Do you want me to grow it out for you so you can see it?

Esme: We belong together, humanity

Esme: We're all alike underneath. It's the great brotherhood of man.

Esme: You wouldn't want to become a telepath...and lose all of that, would you? You have to understand the tricks he plays on people here. There's no such thing as magic. He's only at a different stage in man's evolution.

Kore: What's the difference?

Esme: It's a big difference! His nature can be understood through science! We're too intelligent to chalk everything we don't understand to magic! It's not the dark ages anymore.

Kore: How is magic different from science, fundamentally? You have an explanation for one and not for the other.

Esme: That's a stupid question.

Esme: And get away from me! I'm a black belt.

Kore: I have never been one of them. Surely you knew that Xander. And if you can't grasp what that means...then you're already dead.

Gregory: I am a telepath. And we telepaths have to stick together.

Author Notes:

Here's my nod to Arthur C. Clarke, if one were to read ACC my advice is to skip A Space Odyssey, and start with The Nine Billion Names of God, which is funnier.  Otherwise give Clarke a miss and go straight to Sturgeon.