Chateau Grief 70

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Chateau Grief 70

Kore: I can't identify what animal this meat came from...and I don't think I've ever not cared before. A loaf of bread the walrus said is chiefly what we if you're ready oysters dear, we can begin to feed.

Esme: You've got to get out more.

Kore: Gimme a break, I haven't eaten in five days.

Gregory: I think it's awful! We had the same thing yesterday! I haven't ever eaten mutton before!

Kore: Slap happy?

Esme: Homeschool guild.

Gregory: Look, I got a wand! I keep it in my sleeve just like you-know-who. Isn't that awesome? Wouldn't it be great if I could do real magic!

Gregory: What if it's something I can learn? Oh boy, I'll be the best telepath ever! Who wouldn't want to do real magic! Are the Diamond Warriors magic?

Esme: No, our methods are good plain human methods that everyone can achieve with dedication and effort.

Esme: By controlling our thoughts we can block...the Evil Overlord's influence from our lives.

Gregory: The Evil Overlord!

Kore: What are you in for, Greg? I didn't think straight-a kids like you ever ended up in reform school.

Gregory: Do you really think this is a school?

Gregory: I discovered an alien base! On the moon! Or it was a viking base or something, but this computer had a lot of music that my friends were downloading. I kept telling my mom it wasn't mine, do you think the Evil Overlord is an alien?

Esme: There is a website where they debunk things like that.

Gregory: Lame.

Kore: Young man, I must insist on decorum.

Kore: You never know, Greg, go on, cast a spell on something.

Gregory: Pikachu! I choose you!

Esme: What?

Gregory: I am sooo a telepath! I am sooo dead.

Author Notes:

You may recognize the famous shopping district of Copenhagen.  Fun set to design...  Painting crowds of walking people  is not my favorite thing to do.  If anyone has tips/workflow ideas on how to do this effectively, I'd love to hear them!  Eynhallow is particularly sparsely populated today.  Maybe everyone's watching a baseball game.  Or a Star Wars cosplay baseball game.  Wouldn't you?