Chateau Grief 73

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Chateau Grief 73

Marozi: The Grey Lord's Captive, very popular this year, I've sold tons of these. Hot, Hot, Hot Island Nights. Local author.

Mumu Lady: Oh yes, my very favorite!

Marozi: The Lovelorn Bricklayer?

Marozi: Have a nice day.

Gregory: You'll never guess!! You'll never guess!!

Marozi: Gregory! Early today! That's a good sign of character.

Gregory: It was sooooo cool!!!

Gregory: I totally turned her hair yellow. With a magic wand! I am a telepath! It's the most awesome thing! And then I flew! But don't tell my mom, she doesn't like magic. Hey, you wanna see?

Marozi: He's blotto! What did they give you guys at the commissary? They're not supposed to give alcohol to minors!

Kore: It was a cold day. You don't mean to say that you deny alcohol to children after a hard days work? What provincial customs you Americans have!

Marozi: That's for drinking! Now go get a big cup of black coffee and get on this register. Just sit quietly and call me if you have any problems.

Marozi: I'll be upstairs. Come on, Kore.

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