Chateau Grief 74

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Chateau Grief 74

Marozi: Tuesdays we play host to the meetings of the Concerned Citizens Against Frivolity. They hate the telepath more than everyone else. They're not above killing Gregory if they suspect. And I won't let him die for you.

Marozi: Remember, we feel a crawling sensation...just by being in the presence of a telepath.

Kore: No idea what you're talking about.

Marozi: If you can keep your incursions to a minimum, you stand a better chance of remaining undetected...for a while.

Kore: You'd think that people would jump at the have Xander's kind of power. Be somebody. Be a hero. Everyone's friendly neighborhood...

Qureshi: Kore, no one wants to be the low man on the totem pole. Surely you understand that. It's structural inequality at its very worst.

Qureshi: He's every possible human rights violation, rolled into one package. It's the debate of our era. As we evolve beyond feudalism toward a more communitarian society.

Qureshi: We cannot tolerate telepathy any more than we can tolerate predatory super-capitalists owning all the means of production.

Kore: Damned if you do.

Qureshi: I see that you've got a keen mind and will not simply accept our precepts untested.

Kore: This chair taken?

Qureshi: But the rightness of our cause is irresistible. I welcome the chance to explain it. James?

Marozi: Yes, of course. Patricia Campbell, isn't it? Great staff, by the way. Do you mind if I pick on you for this. Not at all!

Marozi: Gregory has been great to have around. He's such a quick study! Ok, let me show you what we're up against.

Patricia: I'd like that!

Marozi: Take your staff and hit me on the head.

Patricia: Ok!

Patricia: Wait, what?

Author Notes:

Quite the little dance going on in the background. Don't miss it. Xander isn't. ,