Chateau Grief 77

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Chateau Grief 77

Qureshi: We have developed meditation techniques, that allow us to enter this protective state at will.

Qureshi: It is merely a safety precaution do not be alarmed.

Thought(Kore): What do I see in those eyes?

Thought(Kore): Desperation. Loss. Terror. But it's not what I expect to see, is it?

Qureshi: Esme will leave the trance of her own accord, when she feels safe. I apologize if you were frightened.

Kore: You don't think that Gregory is a telepath, then?

Gregory: I am too!

Captain Bright: Official messages for Patricia Campbell, Alan Lyrken, and Kore Smaragdos regarding their housing situation.

Kore: How the hell do you know my name?

Captain Bright: Lady, don't shoot the messenger. I just work here.

Kore: I'm to report to a lecture on public sanitation. Then receive a temporary housing assignment in the offices of the you can stop frothing at the mouth now.

Kore: Charming cult, Farook, but Ill have to think about it.

Kore: And I'd better be on my way. Wouldn't want to miss that NAFTA guild revival meeting. Glory hallelujah.

Narration(Kore): It was intimidating to face that inferno of Esme's mind. Nothing useful emanating from her at all.

Narration(Kore): But I've seen my own brain scans pre and post rehab. And if I have to play the crazy game, I can pull together enough paint thinner...glue. motor oil... nail polish remover... to turn every synapse in my mind to complete, frenetic spasms.

Narration(Kore):And still retain the higher mental function execute someone. ...or many someones.

Narration(Kore):So I want you to start asking yourself one question, Xander: How do you want this to go down?

Author Notes:

X: Was that a threat?

K: It doesn't have to be.

X: I think that was a threat.

K: It's your choice.  What do you want it to be?

X: I think I'm gonna choose to have an epic flame battletoad extravaganza palooza.  Yeah, I hope that was a threat.  Get ready.

btw, does it load faster if I tell DA to display at smaller pixel width?  excuse the testing.