Chateau Grief 76

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Chateau Grief 76

Lyrken: He's not like you say at all! I watched him save a child's life. Xander is a basically good man!

Lyrken: He's compassionate to the suffering...he's a benevolent ruler...he really, genuinely, cared about that child.

Lyrken: I just can't believe that anyone who cared that much, could be like you said...changing the truth into a lie.

Lyrken: That man was the best example of Christian charity that I've seen since we came here. And I won't stand for you slandering him behind his back!

Esme Jones: Do you realize that it can hear you? He's a telepath. We don't do a blessed thing behind his back.

Lyrken: I'll believe it when I see it!

Patricia: Well I'm sold! I'm joining the Resistance!

Qureshi: Oh good! You too Kore?

Kore: Does the harridan have to be such an integral part of your crusade?

Marozi: Hey, hey, it's ok. She's not him. She's not the telepath.

Qureshi: Esme is a very talented adept. Given Gregory's earlier escapades, I suspect she had a brush with Xander's mind control and went into survival mode.

Qureshi: We train to block every conscious thought. To react on instinct, without revealing our motivation. It resembles a fugue state.

Qureshi: We drew on all we could get of the military literature detailing interactions with Xander. Especially the people he claimed to be unable to influence. In al instances a greatly disturbed mental state correlated with aversion on Xander's part when asked to mind control them.

Kore: Well, here goes nothing.

Author Notes:

I wonder how Lyrken would feel if he knew that Xander had personally dreamed up the tonsure idea.,