Chateau Grief 210

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Chateau Grief 210

Swordfish: Well, who are you?

Kore: I was here last week. Shipwrecked. You sat by my bedside.

Swordfish: Oh, it's you.

Kore: I need to see the man who was shiprecked with me, Thanos Shane. Where is he?

Swordfish: Sorry, you're taller standing up. Heavens isn't everybody?

Swordfish: My names's Swordfish. Frank Swordfish. Yeah, that's my real name. I know.

Swordfish: Mr. Shane is with the other temporary housing families.

Kore: Others?

Swordfish: Some people have more problems fitting in than others, you know?

Swordfish: Mr. Xander won't leave them homeless unless that's what they want.

Kore: How many?

Swordfish: About fifty families give or take.

Swordfish: No way I'm even touching that door. This is on you.

Kore: Well then. So long as we're all clear who 'it's on'.

Author Notes:

Busting down doors and taking names.  Start of Chapter 9!  

characters: Kore, Swordfish