Chateau Grief 211

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Chateau Grief 211

Swordfish: Don't upset him he's not well. If he gets agitated it'll take the Evil Overlord to calm him down.

Swordfish: If it's a good time, he can talk to you. Go on. He might recognize you and be glad you came.

Kore(telepathy): Can you sense me here?

Kore(narration): No response. Glad to see his hair is growing back. Has it been that much time?

Kore(narration): There's so much I remember in that face...and so much I don't.

Kore(narration): I personally promoted him to head my security detail. I remember that fight with the board.

Kore(narration): I just don't remember why.

Kore(narration):There are no answers inside his mind. Only a swirl of misfiring neurons. No pictures, no voice in his head, nothing for me to grasp.

Kore(narration):If Ves can look into this mess and calm a's a measure of his power and experience with the human psyche.

Kore(narration): There's no way in hell I'm leaving Shane behind. Not after I took him from his mother and dragged him west. Only to disappear into facess San Francisco? No.

Kore(narration): People accuse me of not caring, but I do. He's injured on the job. It's workman's comp. And Thanos...he'd do the same for me.

Kore: Your mother would never forgive me-- I forget her name-- She asked me to watch out for you. I laughed and told her your job was to watch out for me.

Kore: Then she invited us onto the porch. And I watched Mike eat a dozen of her fresh-baked sugar cookies. Mike doesn't have the happiest home, he's got to enjoy something. I'll bring you back to your family. We'll set up a trust, you can sit on that porch and look ut over the alfalfa fields.

Shane: I'm blind. I can't see anymore.

Author Notes:

Everyone was wondering what happened to Shane.  He's getting better!  Right?  right? ....

characters: Kore, Swordfish, Shane