Chateau Grief 213

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Chateau Grief 213

Kore(narration): How do you know all this?

Kore(narration): Well he probably walked in on me dressing. --or we were lovers, perish the thought--

Kore(narration): --as if-- as if-- with that we could ever have been on intimate terms.

Kore(narration): But there's that kiss to be explained as well...

Kore: Thanos, we owe an enormous, unpayable debt to Ves Xander.

Kore: Nevermind his posturing about kidnapping. What he did for us -- for me-- is the best thing that's ever happened to me in my entire life. And now I'm going to use that gift to gety you better. To bring you home.

Kore: Your eyes look better, brighter too. That'll be key can help me find the hurt parts of your brain and we can fix you together.

Kore: Well, are you hungry? Let's go get a hot dog if you're up for it.

Swordfish: This is a bad idea.

Kore: Grab the other side, you're coming with us.

Swordfish: Me?!

Kore: You're in just as deep as I am. Can't back down now.

Kore: Besides. Someone's gotta pay. This is gonna be the perfect revenge date.

Kore: Pay for the hot dog, Frank. Don't be such a spinster.

Author Notes:

yeah Swordfish.  what could possibly go wrong?  Worrywart!  

characters: Kore, Shane, Swordfish