Chateau Grief 214

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Chateau Grief 214

Di: I'm not sure you're supposed to wear a necktie to a dinner two three...thirteen glasses.

Di: How sweet. My favorite number.

Xander: I never dress for dinner with my employees.

Di: I intend to stay until I convince you of the currency devaluation proposition.

Xander: And I intend to get you ridiculously drunk.

Di: My dear have obviously never been to law school.

Kore: Frank, what's that scent? Do you grow apples on Eynhallow?

Xander(narration): There's a curious sense in the air tonight...

Swordfish: I don't smell any apples.

Xander(narration): Something in the way that she watches so carefully.

Xander(narration): There are many other feelings on the island tonight.

Xander(narration): Shouting unease, cowering fear,

Xander(narration): But none so terrified as hers when she realizes...that she no longer knows this man.

Author Notes:

Oh let this battle begin.  

characters: Di, Xander, Kore, Shane, Swordfish, waiters and butlers and candlestick makers and things.