Chateau Grief 215

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Chateau Grief 215

Di: Are you cold?

Xander: What?

Xander: No!

Kore: No not really...sorry I thought you asked if I was cold...

Kore: That's all you have something local? Fresh? Oysters?

Xander: Forgive me, I'm a terrible dinner companion. I'll be distracted and irritable all night. Best ignore me.

Xander: To shameless larceny, otherwise known as central banking.

Di: Ok I'm fortified.

Di: Go on. You can feel her out there somewhere can't you. Spill your guts because this is going to be a long night if we have to get through 13 wines.

Di: Oh well then, if you won't I will. I can feel him. He's still looking at me like I didn't dress right for a social occasion. The boys sided with their father. It's only natural.

Xander: I was on good terms with both my parents. They were busy with their work, but I saw them most nights. I wouldn't have sided with one against the other.

Di: Your mother loved you only you broke her heart and never knew it. Oedipus. Sons always grieve their mothers.

Xander: Oedipus?! Oh this is going to be a long evening.

Author Notes:

You're in for it now Ves

characters: Di, Xander, Kore, Shane, Swordfish, waiters and butlers and candlestick makers and things.