Chateau Grief 225

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Chateau Grief 225

Xander: I'm not going too fast for you?

Kore: You know if you take too many of those pills, you go blind.

Xander: You step back, then sway...

Xander: Then you lean in close and dance cheek-to-cheek.

Kore: You didn't think I escaped high society without learning how to dance, did you?

Kore: And you're a lot more solid under this jacket than I had hoped. How am I supposed to knock you out with a brick in my handbag now? Why can't you be frail and wobbly like the other geriatrics?

Xander: I-I-I'm not used to this.

Kore: Oh very well. Waltz position then, if you lose courage so quickly.

Kore: So dance.

Xander: So that's what they did.

Xander: You can't feel pain. You can't feel...anything.

Author Notes:

hey I was using that?!!

characters: Kore, Xander