Chateau Grief 226

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Chateau Grief 226

Kore: Call me crazy...but I think I would know! And for the record ow!

Kore: you know exactly what I'm feeling right now! What?! It's not good enough for you?

Xander: Insensible to both pain and pleasure. Six weeks, six weeks to change a life like that...with no going back...

Xander: Here I thought that the dulled sensation was'd developed a way to block me somehow...

Xander: ...had a theory about combining our strengths in opposite directions...could stop me.

Xander: No such luck!

Kore: You do that weave exactly like the real thing...damn you know everything...I spent hours this afternoon--

Xander: Well I can make you feel'll experience every heartbeat of mine not matter where you are...

Xander: I know about it seizes you. You've been an empty shell for years...

Xander: I should know about vicarious sensation...and I gave you my whole vicarious world...

Xander: This perfect mechanism just waiting to answer your call. Ask anything and life itself will answer. It'll give you everything you need, safety, power, everything.

Xander: I know you ache for've been keeping a close enough watch on my poor heart, haven't you? What a curse reason can be, that voice in your head that says...'stop you dare go no further!'

Xander: Well you're here and I'm throwing caution to the wind, and whether you like it or not, you'll come to me in the end.

Xander: You're happy now. Were you happy before?

Author Notes:

'ow for the record' doesn't exactly help your case, Kore. 

characters: Kore, Xander