Chateau Grief 227

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Chateau Grief 227

Thought(Kore): Chance that he can't hear my heart thunder away in my chest? Zero. Any luck and he'll take it as encouragement. I still have a mission tonight.

Kore: You'll know even if I just think it, won't you? I'm hoping you'll be either amiable or cocky enough...that we can team up and get some real progress...made on Thanos Shane's mental state.

Xander: Ha!

Kore: I think he took me dancing once. There was none of this suaveness, no formal dress, no romance. It was someone's wedding...and he was my date.

Kore: Date for the ice queen would have to be one of the staff, but he was very kind about it.

Kore: He was sweet on me and I can't remember a single...moment of tenderness I ever showed him. Not one.

Xander: I know.

Kore: There was dancing at the cafe tonight. Of course! That's where you got the idea! You were watching us.

Kore: Not a word from Shane. His face was just...vacant. Gentle and vacant...and you...

Kore: My captor? My benefactor?

Kore: I can't let you get away with this! But Somehow I can't even look away!

Author Notes:

Run away now before it's too late...oops it's too late.  

characters: Kore, Xander