Chateau Grief 233

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Chateau Grief 233

Narration(Xander): I nearly fell for it.

Narration(Xander): Her mind is under the tightest rein imaginable. Devoid of emotion. Stripping away my guard...and then the pounce.

Narration(Xander): It frightens close I came to giving in. The tenderness is an act too...yes...down another layer and there' much...fury...

Xander: Even now the word pops into your head and you can't stop it *greek* what does it mean?

Kore: Skandalon. The trigger of a trap. Shane is the end of your journey, Xander. He's the point which you don't go on from. You never recover.

Kore: Because God help me, I will be there to stop you.

Xander: I'm sixty-three, that's not so much older than you.

Narration(Xander): Her body goes rigid.

Author Notes:

don't accidentally capitulate while threatening him, Kore.

Episode Recap:

Is he going to get tricked into proving his power to Kore by healing Shane? Nope. He just backs away and tells her no, all the while appreciating the setup of course. Then he starts looking in deeper and discovers that he’s misjudged the whole situation, Kore isn’t softening up at all. She’s softening him up. She’s also got some Greek and he doesn’t, which should prove useful to her later for secret-keeping, right? So she delivers another prophecy, kind of promising that this whole thing is gonna end over Shane, implying that Xander’s gonna die or something, and then promising to be the one to make all this happen. Well Xander figures that’ll involve sticking around, and he’s not asking for much, he just wants her to stay. So win for him, he thinks. He brings up the age thing again, says it doesn’t matter. But it does matter, at least to Kore. He’s like more than twice her age, which she’s got to have known. But he’s also kinda sensitive about this topic. It’s blood in the water, as far as I’m concerned, she’ll use this info as a lever.