Chateau Grief 232

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Chateau Grief 232

Xander: I could run.

Xander: Come with me. We could beat this.

Xander: Don't laugh. Not until you know what I can do. What you can do.

Xander: A god with half the power I have? Why would anyone want to believe in that?!

Xander: I'm too evil for this. I know myself too well. Look at this world!

Xander: You think you know but you don't. You have no idea how much suffering is out there!

Xander: You're emotionally numb. A ravaged, ruined mind.

Xander: Look what I've done. I've given you back your pain. Just when you thought you'd escaped!

Xander: You can't hold out forever. Telepathy is going to break your psychotic dissociation and there's nothing you can do about it but stay with me so I can be there to catch you when you fall!

Xander: That's just life. Meaningless unless you take it in your nails and squeeee it for...something worth drawing breath for!

Xander: Dreams of anything those ones you cherish...that's just running from reality because you can't bear it.

Xander: You've met your god. It's me. And I want you so desperately!

Kore: Seriously Ves? You can't even fix Thanos Shane. What's all this about being a god?

Author Notes:

Ya gonna put your money where your mouth is Xander or not?  

So after all these visions of hell and stuff, Xander’s like, I ain’t going there. Nope, he’s gonna go on the lam and he’s offering to take Kore with him. Kore just laughs at him. Xander is terrified of his own power, he can’t be a god like Hades, he’s too likely to get mad and smoke someone he shouldn’t. In fact he’s not even responsible enough to be running Eynhallow, as if Kore hadn’t figured that one out by herself. Xander is overwhelmed by the pain of other people’s minds, and his giving Kore telepathy and the ability to make sure the bad things that happened to her never happen again is going to eventually destroy Kore’s ability to block out her own trauma. So they’ll both be stuck, in a world of pain that’s not their own, and in Kore’s case, having to relive old trauma again. Xander figures that this definitely means she should stay with him, because he can regulate her mind. It may suck, but hey, it’s at least some way to keep meaning in his life. Eynhallow could give them both a purpose, and y’know, keep him from heading to the underside of the tracks so to speak. Xander knows he’s a god, but he doesn’t want to be one. So he’s monologuing like all get-up, and for the guy who really has trouble expressing himself, it’s a step. Ok, it’s a step. Kore instead of listening, waits until the last second to spring the trap. So you’re a god, she says? No you’re not, you’re pretty much incompetent. So, what do you think, will Xander prove it next week or not?