Chateau Grief 238

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Chateau Grief 238

Kore: My father’s mistress of last summer season. She was very much like you, Ves…respectable if not exactly blue-blooded.

Kore: She didn’t look embarrassing on his arm in public that was the main thing.

Kore: And at the time I didn’t figure it was worthwhile remembering her name.

Kore: She was a sympathetic girl with a big generous heart. It was a terrible thing to throw her to the reptiles. The aunts wanted me to get one. “Make a mistake or two. It’d take down your pride a notch.”

Kore: A few months later a new, nameless woman who looked very much like the first…took her place on his arm.

Kore: Is that you, Ves? To my family you’re nothing more than meat. You don’t belong anywhere near us. And this isn’t something I can walk away from. I tried.

Kore: Whatever you are, you’ve got a heart. You’re flesh and blood. We’re just creatures of money and salamander fire.

Kore: You’re as different from them as Shane. You rage. You hurt. You feel all the varied sensations of the human condition. Nothing defeats your inner guiding light — hinkypunk that it is.

Kore: You’d never want to live with the gorgons, and that’s the world I was born into. Think about how bad it would be with your telepathy.

Kore: frankly I wouldn’t curse you with knowing me.

Narration(Kore): He gives me a vision in return,

Narration(Kore): Athena parthenous.

Narration(Kore): The gray eyed…known for the flames that sparkle from her eyes…holding her aegis which brings storms to ravage the sea.

Narration(Kore): …and on the boss of the shield, the head of Medusa.

Author Notes: that an offer or a threat?

characters: Kore, Xander

episode recap: 

Kore is relating her sordid family’s sordid history amid a backdrop of Paris, Cinque Terre, and Naples.  She gets the blonde from her dad apparently.  She’s not very approving of her father’s using and discarding an apparently seasonal string of women.  Rather than disapproving, the rest of Kore’s family actively encourages this behavior.  For further treatment of the ramifications of this social subject I refer you to Baroness Orczy’s detailed explanations.  Kore points out to Xander that his emotional authenticity is the very thing that would make him an easy target to destroy for her predatory family.   Xander is all like ‘heart on my sleeve?  ha! not wearing sleeves, have tickets to the gun show’.  And then he gives her a bit of a cryptic argument, about who he is, who she is, and under what mantle he’s going to do whatever it is he’s going to do.  Or maybe not.  He could just be re-enacting a Hades/Persephone drama like Kore’s wrapped herself in for her whole life.  Kore is left alone to ponder this in the dark.